Sunday, September 16, 2012

Worship Regardless

This morning before I went to my own church, I decided to go to a Khmer speaking church. There was a missionary from the states who spoke there today, so I got to hear him speak in English and then hear it translated in Khmer. I really enjoyed the service. One thing that amazes me and encourages me so much is how Cambodians there worship God. They pour their hearts out! Hands lifted and hearts crying out and no regard for the people around them. It gave me so much joy to see and hear them worship. This country is so broken and in desperate need of Jesus. The things that the people here have to live with and see everyday are so heartbreaking to me. Yet I walk into a church service and see these people praising and thanking God, regardless of their circumstances and environment. Regardless of the brokenness that is everywhere they go.

I thought to myself, "Have I ever truly worshipped God like that?" When I think of any valley I've ever had to walk through, or any hard times or difficult situations I've had to deal with, they seem so minute compared to the things I've seen here. Yet during those times I often find myself struggling to truly worship God. When all is well in my world and I am overflowing with joy and happiness, I find I can't stop praising God. But when the hard times come and all is not well, I dwell too much on the bad that I lose sight of the good and I find it hard to praise God. It's as if I seem to only acknowledge the greatness of God when there are great things happening in my life. But if God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, why should I let the changes in my life affect how much I worship Him and give Him praise? When I'm on the mountaintops God is good. When I'm in the valleys God is still good.

                                    "Oh, thank GOD—he's so good!
                                          His love never runs out."
                                                Psalm 107:1(MSG)

Father God,
I thank You for revealing to me my selfishness and sin. I'm sorry Lord that I have only been praising You when it's convenient for me. I'm sorry that I haven't acknowledged who You are all the time, no matter what is going on with me. I'm sorry that I have been so centered on my life that I have forgotten to praise You. I thank You that You never change. You are always good. You are always powerful. You are always loving, kind, and gracious. Help me to praise, worship, and honor You on the mountaintops and in the valleys; through every triumph and trial, through every season of my life.

I ask these things in Jesus' name and I thank You for hearing me when I call to You.

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