Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our new home

In the 7 months we've been here, we've moved 3 times(if you count the first initial move). The first place we lived was in Phnom Penh in an apartment above a coffee shop. We stayed there for 2 months. It was too small for us and too expensive so we moved to a place down the street where we lived for 4 months. We had to spend our first 6 months in Phnom Penh doing formal language studies. After our language class ended we were asked to move to one of the provinces, Battambang, which is about a 5-6 hour drive from Phnom Penh. We have been here for a month now and we are so happy to be out of Phnom Penh! The city is way too loud and busy for us. Battambang is small and easy to navigate. We've been here for a month now and it's the first time since we've moved here that I finally feel like I can settle and call this place home.

We live in a village pronounced "Kabko". Our landlady is the Village Chief and everyone who lives around us is her family. We awake every morning to the sounds of either techno music blaring(usually Gangnum Style) or roosters crowing(quite obnoxiously too). The past week it's been to the sound of firecrackers because they have been celebrating Chinese New Year(Cambodians celebrate many different holidays). We have a mango tree that should have some pretty juicy, sweet mangos on them in the next couple of months. We have a small little "yard"(note the quotations) for Sy(our poodle) to roam around in. The reason for the quotations is because it's completely different than a yard that we're used to having back in KY. There's no grass! Sy wouldn't know what to do if we had grass because he uses the bathroom in gravel. And in our 2nd home in Phnom Penh there was nowhere outside to take him so we had a rubber mat in our outdoor kitchen(yes our kitchen was outside) and he did his biz out there.

Cambodian living is so different from America. I'll save that for another post...

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